Nota Bene

All around us
Within us too
A fast-paced world is coming thru
It’s changing me

It’s changing you

So settle down
Release the stress

Don’t look outside for your place
Of happiness

They say life keeps changing
All the time
So you won’t stay the same

All the while

Remember we family
We are brothers and sisters
Please check your tabis
Do they have blisters?

You know if they do
You practice alright
Please adjust the gi

Til it fits you tight

Do not let school fool you
And knowledge confuse you

Be yourself stay true
And trust yourself
You’ll never get fixed

By that book on your shelf

Escape from the old
To the new
Always improve

Represent what you do

Wherever you go
To morrow
Remember it so
Jitsu – Kyo
They go together
Like hyper – hypo
Like Yang and Yin
Like Bo, Bun, Mon and Setsu Shin

Remember cross-patterning is a gift
Move from the hara as you lift
First crawl forward then crawl back
This way lower-back

Will stay intact
Make a contact
Sense within
Am I really comfortable
With the position I am in?

Listen closely what Mr. dotcom say
And please enjoy!
And take a grain of salt
Instead of analysing and assault

Vuol dire tutto che il maestro dice
Prendile con le pinze
E non con le pinzette

You’ll never get ready-made perfect ricette

Enjoy new techniques
But don’t overdo
‚Cause else you hurt the client

And yourself too

Always use both hands for the people
Don’t ask why:
Because it’s simple!

Respect every client
As your teacher
Appreciate everything

That he feeds ya

Come on relax
Keep on smiling

When it gets tough

Now it’s almost enough
Of all the advice

Just one more slice

Listen to the wise and follow their advice
You don’t have to make every mistake twice

Life starts now so stop daydreaming
In your heartmind you will find meaning

Nota bene:
Carpe diem!

This poem literally poured out of my inner core due to my experience during the last part of formal education to become a Certified Ohashiatsu Consultant.

It was springtime. Seven years ago. I was dwelling under a tree one afternoon when this gentle wave of inspiration washed over me. Later on, I took the opportunity to perform in the presence of participants and teachers, poetry slam style.

The content is related to the Advanced Program of Ohashiatsu as well as to my philosophical approach to life, death, and everything. Personally, I regard it as an expression of my gratitude to Ohashi Sensei and to the lovely students I have met in Tabiano, Italia, in May 2013.

It was a wonderful wonderful time of synchronicity and love.

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